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The Problem of Religion

The problem of religion (I use the word religion negatively) is it acts much like faith operating by grace. Sometimes the only way to discern the difference is by looking at the motive for the religious act. If what you do is for God, then you are fine w… more »


God Supplies! RTM's testimony

[video:vimeo:22956809] Its been said that God is more interested in the man than the ministry. Meaning that in whatever God calls a man to do, He has a two prong purpose. First, He is calling the man to fulfill a ministry purpose in His plan to redeem… more »


Supply Before Need

?And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.? (Philippians 4:19) Most think when there is a need and prayer is made for supply, the supply is created. For example, when Israel was in dire need standing at the… more »


The Danger of Having a Bible

Try to imagine this: You know there is a God. You know He has expressed Himself to His creation. You want to know more about this God. So you go to the only place you know of where you can find out more about Him. You go to a local church. You get… more »


Why Can't the Pope Answer Questions With the Truth of Scripture?

PopeBenedict XVI recently held a televised Q&A, answering a few of the the queries posed by people around the world and submitted to the Vatican. Some of the questions he answers are perfect opportunites to share THE gospel of Jesus. But that is no… more »

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