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You Are Not a Failure


You Are Not a Failure

If one wants to be effective and fruit producing for our Jesus? glory, he or she must quit thinking, seeing, and believing themselves to be failures. I am sure that this is one of the most powerful tools that Satan uses against many of God?s children. If one can be convinced that he is a failure, then he will not venture to succeed. He will not try to serve the Lord; he will not attempt great things for the King.

Most Christians don?t believe God can use them in any extraordinary capacity because of this one problem. They see the apostles as super heroes, men who seldom made mistakes, if they actually made mistakes. That?s how most of us view them. But the record shows us they were nothing like we think. While in training they continually fouled things up. They repeatedly failed in faith; constantly tried to outdo each other, and in the end denied and forsook Jesus. Really great role models, right?

Yet, Christ did not reject them. Instead He chose to use them because it has always been His plan to use broken, and not perfect, people. In this way, it?s the Lord that gets credit when broken people produce fruit.

You must once and for all learn and believe that you don?t need to be near perfect for God to use. You only need to trust in Him. Open up your heart to His possibilities in your life. This is not about your potential, it?s about Jesus? potential through you.

If you are a Christian you are not a failure. God has forgiven you, justified you, and adopted you as His own. He has given you the Holy Spirit to live out a new principle of life?the life of Jesus Christ. You need to grasp, with all conviction, that you are not a failure; you?re someone that sometimes fails, but you?re not a failure.

Therefore, quit thinking God is not interested in using you. Don?t think you?ll only fail if you were to attempt to do something for God. Stop believing that God passes by your address and goes to another He can trust not to fail. The only reason He uses someone other than you is that person believes God is able to do the impossible, even if the impossible is God will use him or her.

And when you do fail, remember the apostles failed over and over again and God still used them. Could it be that failure is a part of the preparation process? If so, you should be well prepared.